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I swear that I'm alive! - Pink Tea Cozy

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August 21st, 2007

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04:56 pm - I swear that I'm alive!
So, after two months of everyday blogging, it was nice to take a rest. I'm not cut out for that kind of thing, I'm just not interesting every day! x.x Anyway, I'm back on this account now, with my "Yay Italy!" journal over at summerinlecce.livejournal.com, if anyone missed that (doubt it, lol.) So, yes. I'm still in central PA, but not for long. On Thursday I leave to visit my Grandma and then for Ocean City (MD version) for the weekend, followed by returning for Philly for HOLY SHIT JUNIOR YEAR.

Seriously, though? When did I become a junior in college? What's with *that*? I feel so old! Did you know we've been going to school for 15 years now, guys? AUGH. (Not counting preschool, if you went!) This'll be year 16! Oh God, I don't want to be a real adult person soon! x.x

I'm actually excited for school this year, though. (As opposed to last year, when I was absolutely dreading going back). New teacher (sad to leave Justin's studio!!), more interesting classes, closer with folks there than I was, everything's looking up decently. (Knock on wood!)

Dunno', I'm feeling super nostalgic, at the moment. Found the old "Best of Maggie" CD that Margaret made of all my highschool groups. Oh my God, some of these recordings are so old now! My voice sounds so different o.o (...Thank God for that, heh. Not paying for college for nothing!) Anyway, I realized that I barely talk to any highschool folks anymore, which feels weird. I mean, you guys, obviously. But there are so many people who I thought I'd be in contact with who I haven't said a word to in more than a year x.x Agh, it feels so far away now! Everybody is almost totally different, too. (Mostly in a good way, though!) Especially me, I feel. Still waiting for those golden years of college, though! Here's hoping that college junior/senior year are as good as the ones in highschool, waagh!

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