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GRAAAAVES!! - Pink Tea Cozy

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January 22nd, 2009

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10:35 am - GRAAAAVES!!
So, since my first class for today was canceled (SO GLAD I CAME IN EARLY FOR IT, A-HURH HURH), I figured that it's about time I blog about Repo! Road Tour 3! I followed the tour from Foxboro, MA, to Rutherford, NJ, to Greenbelt, MD, to Cincinnati, OH with three friends in one toyota matrix! Our official name? THC: Team Hot Cunts. Our name-brainstorming session was how I knew we were going to be a rockin' tour group.

So, on the 14th, Kris and I drove back to Philly from SC (she visited for a week, which was TEH ROXX0R <3). There, we met Thain, one of the girls I'd be touring with, and a professional dominatrix (http://www.savagegoddess.com ) who we had met initially on the Repo! boards ( http://repo-opera.com/board ). All three of us went to a MAsT (Master and slaves together) meeting, Kris and I's first, which was quite cool. The topic was BDSM etiquette/safety, and Caro, the speaker, was definitely engaging. Lots of cool info, and I plan to go back for their next meeting in February :)

After the meeting, we all went back to my apartment, where we were joined around midnight by Morgan, a sassy magazine project manager and FIERCE costume designer (her Mag costume BLEW MY MIND). We all slept over, and I brought Kris back to Lansdale the next morning.

We all set out from Philly to New York the morning of the 15th, where we picked up Alli ( http://www.rocklovedesigns.com ), the jewelry designer/merch manager/hotsaucehottie for the Repo! Road Tours. Naturally, there was much singing in the car! I, like an asstard, forgot my ticket for the MA showing, so once we got to Foxboro, I grabbed a new copy at the Orpheum, and we went back to our little Red Roof Inn (MA HOTEL, as Alli put it!) to get dressed. I swear to God, every time we got costumed, our room looked like it was the dressing room for a fetish porno *XD Epico!

So, for the MA showing, I was Amber Sweet, Morgan was Bling Mag (Chromaggia-style), Thain was the gentern who killed Marni, and Alli was hot. (Alli couldn't dress up, as she was running the merch table, but still looked KILLER FIERCE every single day.) We all bundled up as best we could with coats/blankets and went to stand in line. It was SEVEN DEGREES. Strangely, my bursting-out cleavage didn't get too terribly chilly. Terrance Zdunich (writer), Darren Bousman (director), and Alexa Vega (Shilo) came out to visit everybody in the line and take pictures. Darren moved to get one of me and Alexa went, "Hold on. Can I touch your boob in it?". Obviously, I agreed! XD Apparently, it was one of many, many Alexa titty-touching shots of the tour.

We all got inside about a half hour before the movie was going to start. The Rocky Horror folks responsible for getting Repo! to Foxboro (The RKO, whoo!) were all there, making lots and lots of awesome, audience-vamping noise! I met another Amber Sweet ("QUICK. PRESS OUR BOOBIES TOGETHER."), and a fabulous Pavi, as well as seeing my friend Misty, who I'd met at the Boston showing back in December. There was also a Blame Not My Cheeks-style Amber Sweet with her, which rocked my socks right off.

The showing was fabulously loud, with plenty of awesome shout-outs that THC would promptly steal for all the other showings (as well as making up about a bajillion of our own. We had a cohesive shout-out script by the end!) My favorite was, as the camera zoomed up on Shilo without her wig on the first time, RKO-Amber (Molly), yelled out, "IT'S BRITNEY, BITCH." Priceless! <3

After the show and Q+A (the first edition of Alexa's "My Humps" dance!), we stayed around the stage area during signing, taking pictures and generally vamping up for other fans. (AmberxMag abounded!) Eventually, we were all worn out and STARVING, so we headed back to the hotel, grabbing what piteous CVS goodies we could on the way. I have never had a more delicious PB+J.

The next morning, after picking up Alli from a different hotel room, we set out moderately early for New York. Near the end of the car ride, all of us had to pee like WICKED, and lots of horrible, horrible near-peeing-self laughing occurred during a lengthy discussion of "the sharts" *XD. Oh, THC. Love you ladies so hard. We arrived at Alli's (where we would be staying that night) in the afternoon, and did our near-pornographic dressing up ritual once more. (Me: Shilo, complete with gas mask, Morgan: Amber Sweet WITH REAL SURGICAL STAPLES IN HER CHEST. BITCH IS HARDCORE, Thain: Opera attendee in hot bondage dress and 7 inch heels, Alli: Sex bomb)

We made it to the (dilapidated) theater in Rutherford about an hour before the show. It was FREEZING. Like, waaay more cold than MA, because of some seriously sick windchill. Thain (who is anemic) lost all feeling in her legs, medical-emergency style, but wasn't allowed in early because THE THEATER EMPLOYEES WERE TOTAL TOOLS. I waited in line while she and Morgan waited by the door (Alli was in early to set up the merch table). We were eventually let in when the boys/Alexa arrived, late due to awful NY traffic.

Before the show, we were treated to some less-than-stellar burlesque by someone who I'm definitely not sure was of legal age (o.0), and another showing of SpookyDan's puppet opera. The audience was pretty decent during the show, but the theater was FREEZING (concrete floors!), so there was lots of shivering to be done.

After the show, we stayed around for the entirety of the signing (I feel asleep on the stage in Thain's giant fur coat for a while). Near the end of it, Alli finished up with the merch, at which point she led the four of us and a few other ladies down to the mainstage. The Repo! soundtrack was playing, and we all totally rocked the shit out of it :D Lots of singing and dancing and AWESOMENESS. When 21st Century Cure came on, Terrance walked down the aisle, and all of us leaned over the stage to face him, and EVERYBODY screamed, "GRAAAAAAAAAAAVES!!" as loud as possible. Definitely a moment to remember :)

We were going to go out after the signing finished, but that fell through due to bar-closing hours, and THC's dropping the ball (le sigh!) on bringing our veritable flood of hooch with us that night, so no hotel-room hanging could be done, either. We still got back to NYC in high spirits, where we all crashed heartily at Alli's.

This was the last night we slept.

We made the drive to Maryland well-rested the next morning. We were staying at Patty's house (she is my father's ladyfriend, and a lovely, lovely lady!), where we transformed her dog Brigsy into the GRAVEDOGGER! via lightstick. We also got delicious chinese food, put together some zydrate vial keychains, and got vamped up again (Me: The Pavi! <3, Thain: Surgeon, Morgan: Gentern of HOT with HUGE heels, Alli: Sexy dressup night!!).

When we got to the theater, Alli brought us in with her as preshow/stage hands. I ran the will call line for a while before heading outside to the main line with Morgan, where we handed out glowsticks and generally got the crowd nice and worked up to come inside. Once inside, we did another singing/dancing version of several Repo! songs played over the loudspeaker to continue to stir everybody up as best we could (it worked! It was a very good audience night!)

Disaster struck when Morgan rolled her ankle on the way off the stage (Dangerous shoes! It turned out to be fractured, but we wouldn't know that until AFTER we got back from the tour, and she finally got to the doctor's! I'm telling you, BITCH IS HARDCORE!). She limped off with Thain to get some ice from the theater manager while SpookyDan ran the costume contest, and a singing contest, from which I won a poster by singing Chromaggia. When I said that was what I wanted to sing, at least ten cameras went up in anticipation of "GET THIS FILMED, THIS SHIT IS GONNA' SUCK SO BAD!" HAHA, I say! Face my opera degree! There's a youtube of it up somewhere, I may add it to this post when I have more time :)

The audience was nice and rowdy during the show, despite many of them having never seen it. After the show, we hung out until the signing was over (Morgan's icepack and all!), and went back to BQ's hotel to hang out/drink delicious hooch/talk about things that were really, really quite silly. It was an awesome night, and we got back to Patty's just in time to pack at 9:00AM.

Sans sleep, we set off for the longest drive of our trip: Maryland to Ohio. I drove the first hour, having to keep myself awake with painful pinching. Alli picked up for the next hour, letting me nap enough to drive the rest of the way. At this point, we had been through nine states in three days. Boo-fuckin'-ya.

We got into Cincinnati late, dressed as quickly as possible (Me: Graverobber, Morgan: Z Addict, Thain: Regular clothes! Gasp! Alli: Still hot!), and made our way (late!) to the Ohio showing. The line had already entered the theater, and the film had already begun. Spooky made the mistake of mentioning to us that the audience was decidedly un-rowdy, and needed our help. Ohhh, did we ever help. We busted in singing, dancing, and shout-outing, shadowcasting everything that we had the characters for (I pulled a Shilo out of the audience to do Zydrate Anatomy!). By the end, the audience was just as loud as I think they could've been :) I did Graverobber's "Goth opera, blood saga" ending monologue, highlighted by some sexy flashlighting by Thain, only to come up the aisle and see that Terrance had watched it all, and (hurrah!) liked it! Yay! :D

After the Q+A (during which we got to see some of the original ten-minute short of Repo!!!), I went and changed into my last costume (Henchgirl!) in the bathroom, which was an interesting ordeal during which I met some more Repo!-board folks and probably took up more space than I should have. Oh well!

THC and the crew that we had built during the first showing continued to work the crowd up massively during the second showing, which was great fun. After that show and Q+A, I manned the camera for Spooky's documentary and generally buzzed around the lobby doing what other help I could.

With a much larger crew, we headed back to the hotel (BQ and that crew gathering 20 white castle burgers on the way, om nom nom!) for a couple hours of hang-age. Lots of crazy stories, including Gentern-seduction plans XD At around 6:00, we headed back to our room and took a little nap before setting off the next morning for home!

All in all, it was definitely something that I will never, EVER forget. I mean, I'm 21. This is the age I'm SUPPOSED to be doing crazy shit (groupie-ing a rock opera, muthafuckahs!). There are tons of pictures floating around (I may add some to this entry when I'm on my own computer), as well as youtube stuff. I'm still a little sleepy, but I'm slowly gaining energy back! I don't even know what to say, it was so fantastic that half of it doesn't even seem real anymore. Definitely, definitely so glad that I went.

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Date:February 8th, 2009 06:17 pm (UTC)
I finally saw it last night!!! Now I feel cool by association because the writer liked your vamping and Shilo groped you pow-tastic cleavage. Mwa ha ha.


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