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Wicked Faire = Madness - Pink Tea Cozy

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March 5th, 2009

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07:53 am - Wicked Faire = Madness
So! I finally have the brains/a little time to hop up an entry about Wicked Faire/the shadowcast/that-thing-Maggie's-doing-shit-I-haven't-heard-from-her-in-like-ages.

First of all, I honestly couldn't have asked for a better cast/crew. All my sassy actors fit their parts so well, and were RIDICULOUSLY dedicated to the show (Bianca, our Amber, made ELEVEN FUCKING COSTUMES. And not easy costumes, either!) We also all actually get along, which is always a breath of fresh air in theatre-land *XD So basically, I love these kids.

That said, the Repo! shadowcast by the Midnight Surgeons (the Tri-State area shadowcast directed by moi) on Friday night was absolutely EPIC. There were no major hitches, and everybody was definitely on their A-game. Our lighting designer was fucking FIERCE, so the entire thing looking absolutely gorgeous as well. I think I probably had about three or four minor heart attacks during the day on Friday/the Thursday night previous (our Hench didn't show for dress rehearsal, so we had to plop two of the other girls into their roles. Happily, they were splendid!), but the performance definitely made it all worth it.  And the audience was so absolutely responsive! Everybody knew lots of shoutouts (I heard some tour favorites cropping up!), and when we got to "We Started This Op'ra Shit", EVERYBODY was on their feet! It was so energizing to see everything really come together, and to have so much support while it did. We've gotten a FLOOD of positive reviews (including Terrance's! http://www.terrancezdunich.com/blog/?p=918 ) and only two negative reviews in everything I can find (and one just says we were "Not-so-good". And was written by the friend of one of our fallen Hench. I am inclined to take this with a grain of salt.) So basically, I feel that we rocked the house.

Our after-party was...interesting. It was supposed to be a small, chill gathering of people who were awesome, but rapidly turned into one of the largest parties of the night ("TERRANCE IS IN WHAT ROOM? 535? HOMG HOMG HOMG GET NINETEEN OF YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS AND GO!! I HEAR HE IS THE MAN."). Ever-trusty and sassy Gaile dutifully alerted us that the police were coming about halfway through it, inducing a flood of young'uns. I left as well, since mah lady is still in the under-21 crowd. So we basically wandered the halls of the hotel, avoiding the HUGE influx of popo (What the fuck was this hotel thinking? The amount of totally-assholish security was INSANE. Definitely NOT going to be a con hotel again, far as I can tell.) for about an hour and a half. Ran into Gil, who told us that this was basically happening at every party in the hotel, not just ours. Lame. sauce. We returned to the room once Alli and Thain had herded everyone out, and basically collapsed.

I was awakened the next morning by Thain, who informed me that a nice, pretty boy in a latex sissy maid costume would be cleaning our room. This was awesome, although it was waaayyyy earlier than I'd expected to wake up *XD After he'd finished up, most of the cast (sans TJ and the Binks, who had left earlier...boohoohoo!) crowded around Kris's camera and watched the entire shadowcast (The whole thing will be up on youtube eventually, we swear!!). Man, it felt awesome to look at it and say, "YEAH, WE DID THAT. DID YOU SEE THAT? THAT LOOKED BALLIN'."

Most of the actual day on Saturday was spent sleeping, at least by Kris and I. I definitely needed the recovery time (Hell, I still need recovery time!) We went to Thain's med-fetish and smackin' demos late that afternoon. In the early evening (after some awesome, awesome hitting. Ohhh, yes. Some VERY awesome hitting), I went downstairs to the main ballroom to help sauce up/generally rock out with Ian (the fierce lighting designer) and Dr. Andy (the fierce sound designer). Much zydrate-blue hooch was consumed until I realized that, "WHAT THE FUCK? THE POPO ARE RIGHT OUTSIDE THE BALLROOM AS WELL?". FUCKING. LAME. Dear Marriott: Fuck you.

At this point, Kris had left the ballroom (so as not to be thought underage drinking with us, though she honestly wasn't). She texted me that our key had stopped working in the door (THX MARRIOTT). She was apparently being RIGHTEOUSLY HARRANGUED by BQ just before I arrived to let her in. We planned to see the Rocky cast that night, but never quite made it there before more hooch and dancing was required. Another 5:00 AM night, huzzah!

Sunday was pretty laid back as well. We woke slightly later and STARVING. Waited a bit before we went upstairs to the performer's nom room and grabbed some sammies (it was being cleaned when we first went...baw!) I grabbed a genterns print after lunch, then returned to the room for a last corset-y hurrah. I fit into Thain's 30, yaaay! It looked quite tiny on me o.o After saying our various goodbyes, everybody returned to the room and cleaned up. TJ had come back to drive Kris, Paul and me home (Grazie, papa!! <3 <3 <3), and we all departed back to the craziness that is the real world!

So, now the Midnight Surgeons now have a myspace at http://www.myspace.com/midnightsurgeons , and are scheduled to perform at the MMAC in Bloomfield, NJ on the 21st! I've also been facebook/myspace-friended by lots of people who I'm not sure I know, but are totally Repo kids, so I'm all for it!

Overall, a pretty cool experience, and I can't wait for more fun with these awesome, awesome folks <3

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Date:March 5th, 2009 05:46 pm (UTC)
hmm, 3 hours to Bloomfield from Baltimore.

I think Emma and I will be there! :D

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